FA030850 Parallel Light Stereo Microscope
  • 1.Eyepiece:WF10X/22mm
  • 2.Magnification:0.8-5.0X
  • 3.Working Distance:91mm
  • 4.Viewing Head:Binocular or Trinocular
Product Details Dimension

    Product Description

    FA030850 series parallel optics zoom stereo microscopes have two types, FA030850(binocular) and FA030850T(trinocular). It is characterized by parallel optical system. Magnification range of zoom body is 0.8X~5X, magnification from high to low non-flash in focusing course, large depth of field, long working distance, has many kinds of attachments. It can be satisfied the demands of checking-up and analysis in modern biology, medicine, environment, farming, police, micro-electronics, semiconductors etc. fields.


    Model FA030850 FA030850T
    Head Binocular head, 45° inclined, 360°rotatable,±6 diopter adjustable Trinocular head, 45° inclined, 360°rotatable,±6 diopter adjustable
    Eyepiece WF10X/22mm Wide field high eyepoint eyepiece
    IPD 52mm-76mm(Interpupillary adjusting distance)
    Zoom Range 0.8X-5X
    Zoom Ratio 1:6.25
    Total Mag. Standard Mag.8-50X
    Field of View 4-4-27.35mm
    Working Distance Standard:91mm

    Optical Parameter

    Specification Objective
    0.5X 0.7X 1X 1.5X
    WD=186mm WD=135mm WD=91mm WD=40mm
    10X/22mm Mag. 4X~25X 5.6X~35X 8X~50X 12X~75X
    FOV(mm) Φ55~Φ8.8 Φ39.3~Φ6.3 Φ27.5~Φ4.4 Φ18.33~Φ2.93
    15X/17mm Mag. 6X~37.5X 8.4X~52.5X 12X~75X 18X~112.5X
    FOV(mm) Φ42.5~Φ6.8 Φ30.36~Φ4.86 Φ21.25~Φ3.4 Φ14.17~Φ2.27
    20X/14mm Mag. 8X~50X 11.2X~70X 16X~100X 24X~150X
    FOV(mm) Φ35~Φ5.6 Φ25~Φ4 Φ17.5~Φ2.8 Φ11.67~Φ1.87
    30X/9mm Mag. 12X~75X 16.8X~105X 24X~150X 36X~225X
    FOV(mm) Φ22.5~Φ3.6 Φ16.1~Φ2.57 Φ11.25~Φ1.8 Φ7.5~Φ1.2

    Optional Accessory

    Eyepiece WF15X/17mm
    Objective 0.5X WD=186mm
    0.7X WD=135mm
    1.5X WD=40mm
    CCD Adapter 0.3X ,0.5X,1.0X

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