FA050850 8-50X Zoom Stereo Microscope
  • 1.Eyepiece:WF10X/22mm
  • 2.Magnification:0.8-5.0X
  • 3.Working Distance:115mm
  • 4.Viewing Head:Binocular or Trinocular
Product Details Dimension

    Product Description

    ●  FA050850 Zoom Stereo Microscope has the character of very clear and smooth image quality and wide field of view, Long working distance, it is truly appear the 3D image of the object, with wide Field of view and high performance, high quality also with high cost performance.
    ●  Our product has long term quality assurance. It is adopted with “Five Prevent". Dust Prevent, Grease Proofing, Water pollution Prevent, Mildew proof and Static-free, it can made by the environment and the special condition for difference users.
    ●  It can be extensively used for culture and education at natural science in colleges and universities and research institutes;  Daily inspection in medical institution; Biological engineering  and Scientific research; Assembling, testing and quality control   in industry, especially the detecting of IT industry.
    ●  The trinocular can fit with the different image record equipment and internal digital camera , it is easy to the image analysis and processing. Digital camera is for option and it can supply high resolution imaging system, assure the transfer of large quantity  and high resolution image, so as to the image observing and processing .


    Model FA050850 FA050850T
    Head Binocular head,  45°inclined Trinocular head, 45°inclined
    Eyepiece 10X/22mm
    IPD 52mm-75mm( Interpupillary adjusting distance)
    Zoom Range 0.8-5.0X
    Zoom Ratio 1:6.3
    Total Magnification Standard Mag.8-50x ; 4X-200X (with Optional auxiliary objective)
    Field of View 1.3mm-55mm(with auxiliary lens)
    Working Distance Standard: 115mm

    Optical Parameter

    Eyepiece Standard Specification Auxiliary Objective 0.5X Auxiliary Objective 2X
    WD=115mm WD=211mm WD=43.5mm
    Mag. FOV(mm) Mag. FOV(mm) Mag. FOV(mm
    10X/22mm 8X 27.5 4X 55 16X 15.6
    50X 4.4 25X 8.8 100X 2.5
    15X/16mm 12X 20 6X 40 24X 31.2
    75X 3.2 37.5X 6.4 150X 5
    20X/12.5mm 16X 15.6 8X 31.2 32X 7.8
    100X 2.5 50X 5 200X 1.3

    Optical Accessory

    Eyepiece 15X/16mm, 20X/12.5mm
    Auxiliary Objectives 0.5X, WD=211mm, 2X,WD=43.5mm
    CCD Adapters 1X, 0.4X

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